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Patient Attraction Episode 663

There’s a gap in your marketing plan, and it means the difference between being a thriving dental practice and one that is barely making ends meet. Dentists who are frustrated with their collections, who are not attracting the right patients, or who want to attract more and better patients NEED to hear this message. I’ll have more after the break.    

– Colin here, and welcome to the Patient Attraction Podcast.

– I want to start today by dropping a giant TRUTH BOMB on you: You’re marketing to the wrong type of patients, and it’s getting you nowhere.

– You may not be unhappy with the number of patients you are drawing, but ask yourself if these are really the type of patients you want to treat.

– There’s a trend that I see where dentists love to market to millennials and young people.

– I understand this desire. Millennials are tech-savvy and can appreciate a great-looking website or digital campaign.

– But the keyword here is APPRECIATE.

– That appreciation typically does not extend to their wallet.

– But marketing to Millennials is INSANITY and the equivalent of throwing away your money.

– The reason is simple: Millennials don’t have the disposable income to help you grow your dental practice.

– There is one group, however, that blows Millennials’ buying power out of the water: Baby Boomers.

– Baby Boomers control more than 70 percent of the disposable income in this country, and by 2017 about half of the U.S. population will be older than 50 years old.

– Most dentists I speak with stay awake at night worrying about insurance companies and the invasion of corporate dentistry.

– Unfortunately, those same dentists can’t figure out which patients will help grow their practice.

– To put it bluntly: You’d have to have a screw loose to think that marketing to Millennials will come close to bringing the same results as marketing to Baby Boomers.

– For one, Millennials and younger patients are price shopping.

– Price shoppers are the LEAST loyal customers on the face of the Earth.

– You’re no different to them than the dentist down the street.

– Once they see a better offer or potential savings, they’ll jump ship and join another practice.

– People with disposable incomes purchase in a much different way. They desire quality and WILL PAY for it.

– Our successful dentists traditionally aren’t churning out one drill-and-fill case after another.

– We have helped them focus their dental marketing efforts on the right demographic, which leads them to more profits and more freedom.

– Imagine yourself treating the patients you want and enjoying more free time outside the office.

– Then ask yourself if your marketing efforts mirror that dream.

– I’m betting that you have some work to do.

– If you want to see how Dr. Ronald Receveur has increased collections from $900K to more than $2 million in just five years without “selling,” you should go to

– Join us tomorrow for a podcast you will not want to miss about how your employees set the image of your practice.

– Until then, keep moving forward.


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