Smart Dentists Aren’t on Social Media Looking for Prospects

Patient Attraction Episode 225

Welcome back everyone to the second day of our weeklong look at why social media marketing is a waste of your resources. But don’t take my word for it – I’m going to let Gallup, the well-known polling organization, prove it to you. Stay tuned.

– I’m Colin Receveur and it is the last day of September.

– Today, I’m going to tell you why Gallup says social media marketing is a waste of your time if you’re trying to attract new patients.

– But first, let me recap some of the big numbers from yesterday.

– In one day, according to Gallup:

– Facebook users post 4.75 billion items of content

– Twitter users send 400 million tweets

– Instagram users “like” 1.2 billion photos

– YouTube users watch 4 billion videos

– Here are a couple of more stats:

– 72% of U.S. adults use these channels, with the majority saying they use them several times a day.

– So you can see why dentists and many other business owners want to get their message out on social media.

– But here is what Gallup says about that, and I quote:

– “But most consumers aren’t visiting social media sites to engage with brands – they are there to interact with people they know. According to Gallup research, the vast majority of consumers (94%) who use Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking channels do so to connect with family and friends. They are far less interested in learning about companies and/or their products, which implies that MANY COMPANIES HAVE SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGIES IN PLACE THAT MAY BE LARGELY MISDIRECTED.”

– That is a strong statement, and it really has two parts:

– 1. Your potential clients aren’t on social media looking for a dentist.

– That would be like hot tub salesmen setting up shop in a restaurant:

– Sure, you might find a few people who have been looking for a hot tub who happen to be at that restaurant.

– But that comes down to pure, dumb luck.

– And is that how you want to spend your marketing dollars – hoping to get lucky?

– Which brings us to point 2 of Gallup’s pronouncement:

– Companies that are spending money on social media trying to get new patients are making a mistake.

– In fact, Gallup found out that:

– 94 percent of people use social media to connect with family and friends.

– 29 percent use social media to follow trends or find product reviews and information.

– 20 percent use social media to comment on what’s hot or new or write reviews of products.

– I’ve told you before in these podcasts: I love to pat myself on the back.

– I’ve been telling my clients this same information since I started the company.

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– Until then, keep moving forward.


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