Show the World You are Back

Patient Attraction Episode 253

As many of you know, I’m from Southern Indiana. And in this area, you can’t get away from obnoxious Kentucky fans who are more than happy to tell you about how their basketball program is the winningest of all time. Today, I’m going to tell you about a shot by a player named Christian that broke their Big Blue hearts – and it’s probably not the one you’re thinking of. Stay tuned.

– Colin Receveur here and TGIF.

– For my final day of our look at iconic American sports moments, I’m going with one of my personal favorites about college basketball.

– It’s not iconic yet, but I think it could be.

– No, it is not Duke’s Christian Laettner hitting that shot with 2.3 seconds left in overtime to win what many call the greatest college basketball game ever, to send the Blue Devils over the Kentucky Wildcats and on to the Final Four, where they beat my Indiana Hoosiers and Michigan’s Fab Five to win the national title.

– You can see Laettner’s shot on YouTube here:

– No, this is another game that involved the Kentucky Wildcats losing, this time to my Indiana Hoosiers.

– On Dec. 10, 2011, No. 1-ranked Kentucky brought an undefeated record into Bloomington to take on IU, which was unranked at the time.

– My Hoosiers weren’t intimidated though, and the two teams exchanged leads five times in the last two minutes.

– Finally, a three-pointer by Christian Watford at the buzzer won it for the Hoosiers.

– You can see it here:

– Fans stormed the court.

– Why?

– Because Indiana is a traditional basketball power that has fallen on hard times lately.

– UK is a bitter rival.

– Kentucky would go on to lose only one more game that year on its way to the national championship.

– So for a night, Indiana fans remembered what it was like to be back among the elite.

– Why is this important?

– It was the pivotal moment that showed a national audience that Indiana was back.

– When will your moment arrive?

– How will you show your community that you are among the elite?

– When are you going to step up and take the big shot?

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– Until then, keep moving forward.



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