Should Dentists Use Emoji Marketing?

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Patient Attraction Episode 750

According to recently released data, 40 percent of U.S. millennials prefer pictures to reading. That’s right – 4 out of 10 younger folks can’t be bothered to read a couple of sentences. Marketing your dental practice to this younger generation may require a mindset shift on your part. I’ll tell you more after the break.

– I’m Colin Receveur. Welcome to the podcast.

– You know what emojis are, even if you haven’t used them.

– Emojis are those cute, tragic, outraged, or just goofy cartoon faces that pop up in emails, texts, and social media posts.

– And there are object emojis like beer, flags, and skulls, to name a few.

– Did you know that there are a ton of dental emojis?

– Just run a Google image search.

– So, should you use emojis when marketing to the millennial generation?

– The answer is, it depends.

– It depends on your brand, your public persona, and your previous marketing efforts.

– If your brand suggests stability, experience, and age, then probably not.

– That also applies to your online persona.

– People are quick to pick up when your marketing is out of character.

– If you create something amazing, like a picture using emojis as design elements, you can probably get away with it.

– But don’t splash emojis around your usual marketing efforts like emails, social media posts, and print materials.

– It will just seem like you’re trying too hard, and that turns people off.

– Particularly if you use them wrong.

– If you’re a millennial yourself, or close to it, then you can use emojis sparingly for maximum effect.

– It may help you score with this market segment.

– But be deliberate and considerate in what, how, where, and when you use emojis.

– You can try A/B testing your messaging to millennials.

– Send one email with emojis and one without.

– See which one results in a higher click-through rate.

– Join me for tomorrow’s podcast.

– Until then, keep moving forward.

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