Should Dentists Hire a Company or an Individual? A Viewer Responds

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Patient Attraction Episode 273

I want to thank a viewer named Matt McGarry for sending me an email taking me to task for a podcast back in September. I love to get feedback, especially from people with a different point of view. That helps me get information and constantly be evaluating my perspective. I’m going to tell you about Matt’s criticism and my response when we return.

– So a few months ago I wrote a podcast where I encouraged dentists to be wary of hiring freelancers.

– I said hiring freelancers to write your copy, build your website, manage your SEO, etc., turns you into the general contractor of your web marketing.

– My suggestions was to hire a general contractor and stick with what you are good at – dentistry.

– I got an email from someone who disagrees.

– In the email, emailer Matt McGarry said he took some offense to my podcast as it portrayed writers as dishonest and incompetent.

– He wrote, and I quote, “Hiring a good writer brings the same challenges as hiring any good ‘anybody’.

– “Hiring a company, instead of acting as a project/general contractor doesn’t solve the problem.

– “There are as many incompetent companies out there as there are individuals.

– “At least with freelancers, your risk is generally lower.

– “Companies charge company rates.

– “In the end, you’re probably hiring the same caliber of talent but now you’re paying corporate ‘mark up’.”

– He went on to say that he generally enjoys my podcast, which was gracious of him.

– Now, I’m a LinkedIn connection with Matt McGarry.

– That guy has a great writing background, so I don’t take his comments lightly.

– In fact, if he were just some schmo off the street, I wouldn’t have used him in the podcast.

– And I don’t mind giving him a little publicity for his efforts.

– After considering his point of view, here is what I responded:

– “I would agree with some of what you say, and add a few other points.

– “I think with freelancers, your risk is higher as ‘some guy’ doesn’t have the reputation of a company to verify before working with him.

– “Of course, an office’s financial gamble is less with a freelancer, but the risk of getting a ‘bad apple’ in my experience is higher.

– “When there is oversight and company management, it adds extra eyes onto the project.”

– So what do you think?

– Matt raises some good points, though still disagree with a few of them as I put in my reply.

– But in my effort to inform and educate you on web marketing, I wanted to share Matt’s perspective.

– As always, please email me at colin@smartboxwebmarketing or leave your comments on YouTube or LinkedIn.

– As you can see, you may just end up the subject of a podcast yourself.

– Have a great weekend, and Keep Moving Forward.