Should Dentists Follow Domino’s Lead?

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Patient Attraction Episode 362

If you are of a certain age, you may remember the commercial phrase “Avoid the Noid.” It’s probably been decades since you thought of that, but I’m going to hit the way-back machine to the late ’80s and tell you why a canceled marketing campaign is relevant today.

– Hey, Colin here and welcome to the Saturday, March 14, edition of the Patient Attraction Podcast.

– I came across a really interesting article online about Domino’s Pizza and its abandoned marketing villain, the Noid.

– Here’s the gist:

– Back in 1986, Domino’s Pizza introduced its 30-minute delivery guarantee: If your pizza got there in more than 30 minutes, the pizza was free.

– To illustrate this, the company used a little character with buck teeth, rabbit ears and a big nose it called “the Noid,” as in annoyed.

– You might remember, the Noid was huge. There were toys, games and all kinds of commercials featuring this character.

– Domino’s had created a cultural sensation similar to Progressive’s Flo that is so popular now, the GEICO Gecko or cavemen more recently, or Spuds McKenzie if you remember that little dog from back in the day.

– Then, in 1989, something out of the company’s control put the brakes on the successful campaign.

– A 22-year-old man named Kenneth Noid took two Domino’s employees hostage with a gun.

– The two employees escaped and Noid was arrested.

– Noid was later found to be paranoid schizophrenic and found not guilty by reason of insanity.

– See, Noid suffered this delusion that he and Domino’s had some dispute and the Noid commercials were directed at him.

– In 1995, Noid the man killed himself, still believing the Domino’s campaign was aimed at him.

– That’s when Domino’s stopped using the Noid character.

– This is what I want to ask you:

– Was Domino’s right to stop using the character?

– Let’s assume that Domino’s pulled the character because of the man’s death.

– Should it have ended the campaign?

– On the one hand, the PR was terrible and it may have come across as unfeeling to continue the campaign after a sick man took his own life because of it.

– On the other hand, this was one crazy guy who reacted badly to a campaign that resonated with millions of people.

– I’d really like to know your thoughts.

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Until tomorrow, keep moving forward.