Should Dentists Do School Programs?

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Patient Attraction Episode 902

Many dentists shudder at the thought of doing school presentations and exams. However, they can be a significant source of good PR and revenue if they’re done right.

I’ll be back after the break to tell you how one well-known dentist is making school programs pay off in spades.

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– I’m Colin Receveur.

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– The primary emphasis is on web marketing, although from time to time we do give tips on adding public appearances and interviews to your marketing.

– School dental programs are one form of public engagement, but in my experience, most dentists think they’re a waste of time.

– They complain that they spent time out of the office and got only a few new patients, if any, for their investment.

– That’s because those dentists didn’t handle those school programs correctly.

– If you do them right, school programs are a great opportunity to expand your patient base.

Dr. Michael Abernathy is the owner and founder of Summit Practice Solutions.

– Mike’s a really smart guy, and he’s figured out a way to make school dental programs work really well.

– In fact, he’s got it down to a system, if not a science.

– He’s even written a lengthy article describing his process that clearly defines what dentists need to do for a successful school program.

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