Should Dentists Dare to Fail?

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Patient Attraction Episode 848

One benefit of falling on your face is that it gives you a different perspective on things. When we come back, I’ll tell you why dentists shouldn’t always play it safe when it comes to their marketing. Stay tuned.

– Welcome to the Patient Attraction Podcast™.

– I’m Colin Receveur.

– I know a lot of dentists, some of them who are wildly successful and other who are less so.

– And what I can tell you is that there are practically no successful dentists who have always done things right.

– I’m not talking about the clinical part of being successful.

– Obviously, you have to be clinically competent.

– But success doesn’t depend on how good your hands are, how many advanced training seminars you’ve attended, or how many degrees you have.

– Your success in dentistry comes from having quality patients find you and call for an appointment.

– If you don’t have the patients to practice on, your hands and your knowledge do you no good.

– The successful dentists I’m talking about have discovered how to market to attract the patients they want.

– And along the way, every one of them has made mistakes with their marketing, sometimes serious mistakes.

– Those mistakes may have been minor, or may have cost them a lot of money and new patients.

– The doctors who failed but ultimately succeeded, however, learned some very valuable lessons.

– First, they learned that it’s okay to fail – in fact, it’s inevitable.

– Second, they learned that failure isn’t permanent unless you allow it to be.

– And third, they learned to do things differently with their marketing.

– And that’s where I see dentists failing and continuing to fail – they keep advertising on price and special offers when that kind of advertising isn’t working.

– They’re not failing because they dared, they’re failing because they don’t dare to do something different.

– They’re on the advertising treadmill and think they don’t dare get off.

– Dr. David Maloley, a cosmetic and sedation dentist, knows that, which is why he turned to SmartBox.

 “That’s the name of the game … you find people that have already been through it and you seek their insight as opposed to beating your head against the operatory door for a year, 5 years, 10 years.

– “Because what does every dentist want? They want to do the dentistry that they want to do, not because they have to do it and get on a treadmill.” 

– Are you ready to fast-track your success? Are you ready for more patients, more profits, and more freedom? If so, go to or just and click the green button on the right that says “Get Your Marketing Analysis.”

– Until next time, keep moving forward.