Should Dentists Be Using Employees on Social Media?

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Patient Attraction Episode 505

Do you allow your employees to talk about your practice on social media? I’m betting most of you don’t. I read a blog recently that said employers should not only ALLOW employees to talk about their work on social media, employers should encourage and equip them to do so. Today, I have come here to chew bubble gum and kick butt, and I’m all out of bubble gum. Somebody’s due a butt-kicking when we return.

– Colin here, and I read a lot of books, articles and blogs to stay current on the latest trends in sales and marketing.

– Most of the time, I take that good information, adapt it for dentistry, and give that to you here on the Patient Attraction Podcast.

– Other times I see information that I don’t think works for dentists or I think is incorrect, and I just file it away mentally.

– But sometimes I find something so laughable or wrongheaded, I have to call it out here on my podcasts.

– Today is one of those days.

– I recently read a blog that started with its premise that brands can direct the conversation their customers are having by allowing and empowering employees to engage on social media.

– If you’ve watched this podcast for any time, even as recently as yesterday, you know that I have never found organic social media to be a good way to attract new patients online.

– So the idea that you would ask your employees to spend a bunch of time on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or wherever is laughable to me.

– Let’s look at some of the suggestions in this blog for how to get employees engaged on social media and I’ll tell you why.

– Suggestion 1: “Make your culture so integral to employees’ lives that they can’t help talking about it with friends, family and strangers.”

– Hey, I love it when my employees say nice things about the company on social media.

– But that’s not why I treat them well.

– I treat them well and help them love their jobs so they will do a great job for our clients.

– And what about the flip side?

– Do you give them the freedom to complain about the job online?

– Of course not.

– People would see right through this.

– Suggestion 2: “Identify employees who are already engaged on social. Develop programs for the most engaged ones.”

– Not too difficult.

– But just because someone is active on social media, doesn’t mean they should talk about your business.

– Do you really want your hygienist or dental assistant spending her time on her phone tweeting about how busy it is or how there are openings today?

– And who will monitor what these employees are saying?

– Do you have time for that?

– Oh, wait, the genius on this blog has an answer for that:

– Suggestion 3: “Empower employees to speak freely on your behalf.”

– You feel super comfortable with that, right, Doc?

– The blog goes on to say that you need training and a social media policy, but this is just a problem waiting to happen.

– Let your employees stick to doing social media on their breaks and their own time, and concentrate on doing their jobs when they’re on the clock.

– Until tomorrow, keep moving forward.