Shake Up Your Dental Emails

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Patient Attraction Episode 840

Dentists tend to get into a rut with their patient emails. There are the condition-specific content emails, the announcement emails, the reminder emails, the general interest emails, and the newsletters. But that’s taking too narrow a view of the possibilities. After the break, I’ll tell you how to make your emails work harder and better to get you more loyal patients.

– Welcome to the Podcast.

– I’m Colin Receveur, founder and CEO of SmartBox Web Marketing.

– Dentistry is a trust-based business.

– It’s not your clinical abilities that patients need to trust, it’s you.

– They want to know that you’ll see them as more than a case and a paycheck.

– They want to know that you have their best interests at heart.

– Your patient emails can help build that trust.

– One of the emails that you may not be sending are results emails.

– Those are basically short, anonymous patient case studies written for laypeople.

– The important thing about these emails is to tell a moving story that your patients can relate to.

– Define the patients’ problems, the effects on their lives, your solution, and the change that your solution brought about.

– Statements from and attributed to your patients can be very moving.

– Another way your emails can work for you is to humanize you in patients’ eyes, to let them see the person behind the mask.

– I’m not suggesting that you air dirty laundry, but there are any number of aspects of life you can talk about.

– If you’re a parent, you can talk about parenting issues that other parents will relate to.

– Or you can relate a humorous story about something that happened to you.

– You should segment these kinds of emails by interest and demographics.

– Patients’ stories and your own should be fairly rare in your emails.

– After all, that’s not necessarily what your current and potential new patients signed up for.

– But they can and should play a role in your marketing to build and maintain patients’ trust.

– You can also repurpose the content of those emails on your website, your blog, and even Facebook.

– That may depend on the extent of the overlap between those and your email list.

– Broaden your view of patient emails, and you can deepen patients’ trust in you.

– Join me for tomorrow’s podcast.

– Until then, keep moving forward.