Secrets to Successful Dental Email Marketing

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Dentists can and do use email marketing to attract and convert more and better patients – and to keep the patients they already have. Success at dental email marketing requires a specific approach and techniques. Find out how to make your emails work for you after the break.

– Contrary to popular belief, email marketing still works.

– IF you know how to do it right.

– I’m Colin, and thanks for tuning into the Patient Attraction Podcast.

– Today, I’ll continue with our four-day series on creating a successful dental email marketing program.

– One thing I mentioned on day 1 is that great emails are only a part of the solution.

– The other part is to get those emails in front of your patients on a consistent, but not annoying, basis.

– At SmartBox Web Marketing, we are big proponents of drip email marketing for dentists.

– Drip marketing means staying in front of your patients by regularly sending out carefully timed emails.

– We’ve done a lot of podcasts about drip marketing.

– If you’re not familiar with the idea, you can go to and click on Services to learn more about drip marketing.

– Let’s continue our look at the content of email marketing that works.

– After your email recipient has opened your email, what’s the first thing they want to know?

– What are you offering and why is it valuable … to THEM?

– That’s your value proposition, and it should lead the body of the email.

– Tell them clearly what you propose and how it will benefit them.

– And why they’re receiving this offer.

– For instance, you know they have amalgam fillings because you’ve seen them.

– So, let’s say you’ve targeted existing patients with amalgam fillings, and you’re offering a discount to them on composite replacements.

– That’s the offer; HOW does it benefit them?

– Composites offer a natural appearance, and they’re more durable.

– And while the research isn’t clear, a lot of people are concerned about the long-term toxicity of amalgam fillings.

– All of those are reasons to accept your offer.

– If you have statistics you can share to back up your value proposition, include them!

– Each email should have a SINGLE goal, whether that’s to have the patient download something, register for something, or contact your office.

– Make sure that any action they should take has an obvious, visually distinct button for them to click.

– Put that “action” link in the top third of your email; don’t bury it at the bottom.

– And include some call-to-action copy with that button.

– Remember, the process of creating emails to bring responses is to:

– Grab their attention,

– Give them reasons to open the email,

– Clearly convey your offer and the benefit to the patient, and

– Make it as easy as possible for them to accept.

– Tomorrow’s podcast will cover the final things you need to know to create dental marketing emails that bring results.

– Until tomorrow, keep moving forward.


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