Proving Social Media’s Worth for Dentists

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Patient Attraction Episode 749

Social media can play a role in your online dental marketing, but how do you know how much time and money to invest? And how do you know what your return on investment is? After the break, I’ll be back with some thoughts on the best ways for dentists to use social media.

– Welcome back. I’m Colin Receveur.

– A recent article stated that 85 percent of brands haven’t proven social media’s ROI in hard numbers.

– That’s huge.

– Only 15 percent of brands have data to measure their investment.

– A LOT of marketers are saying that social media is the coming thing.

– And that everyone has to focus on it.

– I’ve repeatedly talked about the “fuzzy” ROI from social media, so I’ll disagree, again.

– Social media can play a role in your online dental marketing.

– But it can also be a huge time and energy suck.

– And you may not be able to afford that time and energy.

– Unless you know how to use social media right.

– First off, people don’t go on Facebook to find an electrician, or a dentist.

– They do an online search.

– So forget about many patients calling for appointments because they read your tweet.

– Social media works best to help build relationships.

– Use it to position yourself as the trusted expert and the best choice for new dental patients.

Influence your social media followers to visit your website.

– Because that’s where they’ll get the information to choose you as their dentist.

If social media demonstrates hard numbers for ROI, I may change my mind.

– Until that time, I recommend that you focus on driving prospective patients to your website.

That will make the phone ring.

– And put more patients in chairs.

– Getting more and better patients has to be the end goal of your marketing.

– Or you’ve thrown away that time and energy on social media.

– Join me for tomorrow’s podcast.

– Until then, keep moving forward.