Promote Your Dental Content Like P.T. Barnum

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Patient Attraction Episode 497

Earlier this summer, my wife Amanda and I took our son and daughter to see the Barnum & Bailey circus. They were mesmerized, and we really had a good time. What’s really amazing is that P.T. Barnum was an incredible promoter in the mid-19th Century, so much so that he is still known to this day for some of his stunts, and, of course, the circus. Today, I want to help you promote your marketing content like the greatest show on earth. Stay tuned.

– Hi, Colin here, and today I want to talk about promoting your dental content.

– We have a lot to cover, so let’s get started.

– Here is a list of great places to promote your content:

  1. Blogs:

– Summarize your content in a series of blogs and direct the reader to the full content at the end of each one.

– You can do this not only when the content is new, put periodically to keep it fresh and to reach new readers and Google.

  1. Use SEO:

– Make sure the web page or landing page that leads to your content is well-written and search engine optimized so that when people search for your content, it comes up high in the rankings.

– Adding a video on YouTube and optimizing it correctly can also give your search results a boost.

  1. Your site:

– Your website should offer plenty of opportunities to request your content via calls to action – and to share it via social media sharing buttons.

  1. Speaking of social media sharing buttons, use all of your social media channels to direct patients and prospects to your content.

– If you are going to use social media as a promotion channel, you have to keep it fresh.

– You’ll need to plan regular Facebook posts.

– You’ll need to tweet regularly and create a hashtag around your content.

– Post content to LinkedIn and consider even starting a LinkedIn group.

  1. Emails.

– Your existing contacts are a great group to notify of your new content, and you should capture contact information for any prospects who sign up for your content.

– Make sure your emails are personalized to get the highest ROI.

  1. Paid promotion.

– This can include Google PPC, Facebook ads, retargeting ads, promoted tweets, and many other options.

– There are probably additional things you can think of, but this is a good list to get you started.

– Come back tomorrow and we’ll finish our series on dental content marketing by looking at how to determine if your campaign is working.

– Until tomorrow, keep moving forward.