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Patient Attraction Episode 395

Hey everyone, Colin here on a very exciting day. I’m in Las Vegas presenting at the annual Townie meeting on how an effective Internet marketing strategy can make dental practices more profitable. I’ll tell you more when we return.

– This year’s Townie event is today through Saturday.

– It features more than 30 speakers and a host of exhibitors

– My presentation is called “How To Dominate the Internet … Like a Boss.”

– If you’re in Las Vegas for the meeting, it’s scheduled from 3:30-5.

– You should plan to be there.

– My presentation is scheduled 3:30 to 5 p.m. Thursday, April 16.

– I speak with dentists every day who tell me they are not getting any return on investment from their websites. – Some of these dentists have let their web presence go stale, while others have tried to stay current but still are not attracting the right type of patients for their practice.

– At SmartBox, we offer solutions to all these problems.

– We help our clients transform their business by attracting the patients they want to.

– I’m going to tell the Townie audience how we do it.

– The Townie Meeting is known as the “biggest dental party in the world.”

– The annual event provides educational resources, classes and information on how dentists can further grow their practices.

– Drs. Sameer Puri and Tarun Agarwal founded the event 11 years ago to give dentists around the world a chance to come together and share cutting-edge techniques and clinical advice.

– The Townie Meeting is the Mecca of dental conferences.

– It’s the place where dentists go to perfect their craft, so it’s a tremendous honor for me to be able to present my company to these incredible clinicians.

– I’m going to talk about:

– How many phone calls dentists should expect.

– The evolution of marketing.

– Addressing patients’ needs.

– And give examples of good and bad marketing.

– For the three days we are here, me and three other members of my team will be available to speak the meeting attendees.

– If you are at the meeting, please find me and say hello.

– If you couldn’t make it this year, I encourage you to put it on your to-do list for next year.

– Until tomorrow, Viva Las Vegas and keep moving forward.