Poor Dental Content Will Come Back to Bite You

Patient Attraction Episode 658

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I’ve warned you for years how bad content can kill your Google ranking and make it hard for new patients to find your dental practice online. It’s time to take these warnings seriously and begin turning things around. Stay tuned to learn Google’s tricks for ranking your website.

– Colin here, and I’ve spent much of the last month on this podcast discussing quality content.

– That’s because Google has made it priority No. 1 in its ranking process.

– This spring, businesses noticed a change in their rankings and theorized that Google had changed its algorithm.

– There indeed was a change, and we quickly found out that businesses hit the hardest had BIG-TIME quality issues.

– If you’re worried about Google updates, especially when the search engine giant makes changes without notice, review how users engage with your site and the content you are providing.  

– EVERYTHING on your website factors into how you are ranked, including the content, keywords,

mobile friendliness, load times, the selected URL, and how your site is organized.

– The best way to avoid future missteps with Google is to conduct a quality control audit of your website ASAP.

– Use the Google Analytics tools to determine when or if your engagement numbers have declined.

– Engagement always come back to quality, so let’s review ways to avoid poor quality.

Avoid thin copy.

– Since content is king in determining Google rankings, it’s fair to say thin content is one of the worst things you can have on your website.

– Thin copy is typically short and does not differentiate you or your dental practice.

– It lacks keywords and does not engage or inspire the reader.

– I see websites all the time that fail to engage readers or do not have original content.

– At the very least, make sure your website’s content is original; otherwise, don’t expect to get anywhere near the top of Google search results.

– Check your homepage

– Forget the saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”

– That’s total bull in the Internet age.

– People are judging your website based on how the homepage looks – as they should.

– A poor homepage with no direction or engagement will not inspire users to search your site.

– Great dental homepages start with great content, have easy navigation and appointment tools, and quality calls to action.

– If you have noticed that your search engine ranking has taken a tumble, it’s time to examine your content and the overall quality of your site.

– You can expect Google to continue punishing sites that do not offer great content and features.

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– Join me tomorrow to discover how to harness the power of press releases to attract more and better patients.

– Until then, keep moving forward.


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