Poll Data Shows Married, Separated Couples Worlds Apart in Going to Dentist

Patient Attraction Episode 160

Hi, I’m Colin Receveur and welcome to July. Today we’re going to look at whether wedding rings translate to telephone rings for new appointments. Stay tuned.

– Today is the last breakdown of Gallup’s 2013 look at how many people visited the dentist in the last year.

– Today we’re going to look at marital status.

– We’ve already seen that nationally, women are more likely to visit the dentist than men, 67 percent to about 62 percent.

– Yet about 71 percent of married people went to the dentist at least once in the last year – far higher than either men or women individually.

– Among marital status, only married exceeded the national average of about 65 percent.

– Next closest was single, at about 61 percent, almost 2 percentage point lower than in 2008.

– Following that was divorced, at about 56 percent, a sizeable 3.5 percent less than in 2008.

– Notice we are now about 10 percent below the national average.

– After divorced, about 55 percent of domestic partners visited the dentist in the last year, about a percent less than in 2008.

– Widowed was next to last on the list at about 53.5 percent and unchanged since 2008.

– Bringing up the rear was separated at 46.6 – a whopping 6 percent decrease from just five years ago.

– If you’ll notice, that is fewer than half of all separated people and 25 percentage points below married.

– When you look at divorced, domestic partners, widowed and separated, I bet that has a lot to do with loss of dental insurance.

– Other than domestic partners, reduced household income may have played a role as well.

– So, you can see there is real opportunity to market to married couples as people likely to go to the dentist.

– There also is opportunity among those who are divorced, as they are used to going and have decided to stop.

– Tune in tomorrow and we are going to look at some marketing strategies that may help you reach some of the different subgroups from this poll.

– Until then, keep moving forward.


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