Periodontal Disease: Do Patients Need the Straight “Dope”?

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Patient Attraction Episode 954

Being a dentist isn’t always easy. In addition to the day-to-day challenges, there’s the dilemma of sharing medical information that may make you unpopular with some of your patients and dental prospects. After the break, I’ll tell you about one possible dilemma that surfaced in 2016. Stay tuned.

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– I’m Colin Receveur, Founder and CEO of SmartBox Web Marketing.

– A study published in June 2016 followed more than 1,000 individuals in New Zealand from birth through age 38.

– There was “clear evidence” of an association between chronic cannabis use and greater incidence of periodontal disease.

– One contributing factor, according to the authors, is that long-term cannabis users may not be as diligent about caring for their teeth.

– This is news that your patients and prospects may not want to hear.

– If you live in a state where marijuana use is legal, the news may be even more unwelcome.

– Some dentists might be reluctant to share this news with their patients and prospects.

– Other dentists might feel obligated to share the information while knowing that many people won’t like it.

– But the dentists who are using the principles of patient attraction will share the news and turn it into a positive.

– Those dentists are the ones who have positioned themselves as trusted, relatable experts in their patients’ minds.

– Their patients will expect the dentist who cares for them to give them straight information.

– That’s one of the differences when you stand out among your competition using the principles of patient attraction.

– You are not “just another dentist,” and you’ll attract patients who stay, pay, and refer – even when you give them news they don’t want to hear.

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