Patient Attraction Episode 99: Develop a Championship Marketing Strategy

Monday 4/7/14 Patient Attraction Episode 99: Develop a Championship Marketing Strategy

Hello everyone, today is Monday, April 7, or as it is known here in the heart of basketball country: Championship Monday. Come back after the break, and I’ll tell you how what a winning marketing program and a winning basketball team have in common. Stay tuned.

– I’ll be the first to admit that I am not as big a basketball fan as some here at SmartBox Web Marketing or maybe some of you.
– But growing up here in the center of the basketball universe is like growing up around dentistry, which I also did: You just can’t help picking up a few things.
– So here are 3 similarities between championship basketball teams and successful dental marketing strategies
1. One focal area
– Championship basketball teams usually have one dominant trait: pressure defense, post game, motion offense, etc.
– Your marketing also must have a focus, and it should be your website. Your website is your 7-footer or All-American point guard – the key around which everything else revolves.
2. Diversity
– Championship basketball teams do more than just one thing well. So while having a focus is good, a great team can’t be one-dimensional.
– Your marketing can’t be one-dimensional. While your website is the center of your marketing effort, it cannot be ALL you do. You must get your name out on the web, and there are many ways to do so.
3. Differentiation
– Championship teams are different from other teams. Whether it is more experienced, more dominant players or an unusual style that other teams can’t replicate, there is something that sets championship teams apart.
– Your marketing must differentiate you from every other dentist. What makes you stand out? What is your niche? Find your advantage and emphasize it.

– No matter who you cheer for tonight, I’m rooting for you.
– Until tomorrow, keep moving forward.


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