Patient Attraction Episode 95: 5 Things You Should Promote to Get More Patients

Tuesday, 4/1/14 Patient Attraction Episode 95: 5 Things You Should Promote to Get More Patients
Bonjour mes amis, thanks for joining me today. We’re going to talk about the 5 things you should be promoting most to bring in more and better patients. Come right back.

Let’s get right to it. Here are five things I want you to make sure you are pitching to potential patients.
1. Your education. You put in a lot of time and hard work getting that DDS or DMD, and patients in your area respect where you got your dental degree over other dental schools.
2. Your expertise. It’s not every dentist that can run a string of initials after his name signifying his affiliations. You’ve got them – use them. Every other dentist wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t effective, right?
3. Your friendly staff. Every other dentists in your area may SAY they have a friendly staff, but you REALLY have a friendly staff. After all, if you don’t say you have a friendly staff, patients may assume you have hired unfriendly people and not want to use you.
4. Your gentleness. Even though most dentists nowadays use nitrous, IV sedation or some other form of gentle dentistry, you have invested time and money into being a gentle dentist. You have to promote it if you want any payback on your investment.
5. Your payment plans. If you don’t tell people of lower and middle incomes that you accept their insurance and can make dental work affordable, how else will you entice them to come and see you. It’s not like raising the issue of expensive dental work will scare them off, right?
-This is just common sense. All this sounds completely reasonable, right?
– Well, April Fools. Because you’re a fool if you think any of that will bring you the clients you want to attract.
– NONE of this matters to patients, and if you have watched many of my podcasts you probably saw this coming a mile away.
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– Until next time, keep moving forward.


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