Patient Attraction Episode 93: All Aboard the Train to Profitability

Hello again, I’m Colin Receveur and I’m the conductor on this train ride today. I’ll punch your ticket when we come back.

– Trains are incredible inventions. It’s amazing how this country is criss-crossed with parallel beams of steel so these marvelous machines can haul all manner of goods from one place to another.
– Trains greatest weaknesses are their greatest strength.
– Trains can only go in one direction, that is, wherever the tracks are headed. That’s bad if there are no tracks where the goods need to be.
– But that’s good, as there are no detours from getting to the destination.
– That’s what I want to end the week with: don’t get detoured from your goals.
– If you want to attract the patients you want, don’t get distracted by all the noise and shiny objects that people can throw at you.
– Don’t veer off track for every little thing.
– Instead, focus on the things that work: a great website, video, strong content, blogging, SEO.
– I’ll even wrap it all up in a nice little bow for you.
– I’ve recently written a book called “How to Attract More Patients in the Next Six Months Than You Have in the Past 6 Years,” and it could transform the future of your practice. If you’re interested, go to
– You’ll pay nothing but shipping, and you’ll get a lot out of it.
– Until next time, keep chugging forward.


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