Patient Attraction Episode 88: A 5-Minute Lesson on the Essentials of Attracting More Patients

Welcome back everyone. I’m Colin Receveur and I’m going about to give you a graduate-level course on the fundamentals of inbound marketing, all in 5 minutes. Stay tuned.

– Inbound marketing is a data-driven approach to marketing that attracts potential patients to your practice and converts them to customers.
– The first step is to center your marketing around your website, as you will be attracting visitors through search engines, blogs and social media.
– Inbound marketing is all about content the right content in the right place at the right time so that your marketing becomes relevant and helpful to potential patients:
-Blogs and press releases
-Photos and infographics
-Reports and ebooks
– There is a process to inbound marketing, and the folks at HubSpot have really described it nicely:
1. Attract: blog, keywords, social media
Strangers become visitors
2. Convert: forms, calls to action, landing pages
Visitors become leads
3. Close: emails, signals, workflows
Leads become customers
4. Delight: Events, social inbox, smart content
Customers become promoters
– Using this process, you’ll convert potential patients into patient referrers.
– Next time we’ll talk about how to maximize your inbound marketing success. Until then, keep moving forward.


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