Patient Attraction Episode 153: Surprising Statistics Show Smartphone Usage Exceeds TV Time

Welcome to Friday, June 20. I am Colin Receveur and I want to share some interesting statistics about how people are multitasking using digital devices while watching television. Stay tuned.


– A company called Millward Brown looked at multiscreen activity in 30 countries, including the US.

– There are some really interesting statistics.

– For instance, U.S. daily Smartphone use now exceeds TV use.

– That’s no surprise to me, as I used my Smartphone voraciously and rarely watch television.

– In the US, the average person watches 147 minutes of television and 151 minutes on their Smartphone.

– That same person also looks at their laptop 103 minutes per day and their tabled 43 minutes per day.

– Here are a couple of other interesting statistics:

– 41 percent of the TV audience was simultaneously using a mobile device (tablet or Smartphone)

– Of that 41 percent, 70 percent were looking at unrelated content.

– The other 30 percent are exploring related content or taking some action tied to the content or advertising on TV.

– So here’s how behind the time advertising is:

– Even though people spend more times on their mobile devices, including using their mobile device while watching TV:

– 59 percent of US media spending is on TV for only 33 percent of the viewing time

– 11 percent of US media spending is on mobile ad spending for 44 percent of the viewing time

– The other 30 percent goes to laptop spending for 23 percent of the viewing time.

– That may be because 68 percent of people report paying at least some attention to TV ads.

– Between 41 and 46 percent of people pay attention to ads on their laptop or mobile device.

– This data indicates a couple of things to me:

– If you are running television ads, be sure to include your website information. People seeing your commercial may immediately look you up online.

– Practices MUST, MUST, MUST make sure their sites are dynamic to work on all devices.

– If you have an older website that has not been redesigned and updated to do so, you are behind the times.

– Mobile use is only going to increase.

– Practices that ignore this fact are going to find themselves on the wrong side of history.

– That’s it for this week.

– Have a great weekend, and keep moving forward.



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