Patient Attraction Episode 147: Are You Getting ALL the Emails You Can?

Thursday, June 12, 2014 Patient Attraction Episode 147: Are You Getting ALL the Emails You Can?

Today is June 12 and I am Colin Receveur. Thanks for joining me for day 4 of our look at email marketing. Today I want to ask, Are you doing everything you can to get all of the emails you can? Come right back.


– First, let me remind you that email marketing has one of the highest returns on investment of any form of marketing.

– It’s super cost-effective, easy to track and doesn’t take a lot of setup.

– It all works “automagically.”

– So what are you doing to get emails from prospects?

– Do you have calls on your website?

– These can be requests for free reports.

– These can be requests for more information.

– These can be responses to poll questions.

– The can come from comments to blogs.

– Are you using social media to get email addresses?

– You could run contests on Facebook.

– You could get comments on Facebook.

– You can get comments on Twitter.

– You could post before and after pictures on Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram, and then get comments on them.

– Those are all great, Internet-savvy, digital ways to get email addresses.

– But what about some analog options.

– For instance, do you get email addresses from potential patients who call your office for information? You should.

– What about patients who come in for routine cleanings and exams. Do you get their email addresses?

– In fact, you should have the email address for every person who calls or steps through the door.

– They are ALL prospects in one way or another.

– Sure, they might call to ask if you do Invisalign, see children or do emergency dentistry.

– That makes them prime candidates for an email sequence.

– Existing patients may only want you to check for cavities, but they also may respond to a series on smile improvement.

– If you give a speech at your local Rotary Club, make sure the sign-in sheet has everyone’s email address and get a copy.

– Let me be as absolutely clear as I can: if you have a chance to get someone’s email address, get it!

– Email addresses are like treasure for email marketing.

– What’s more, see if the people you contact know of OTHER people who could benefit from some information.

– The more email addresses you can get, the more you can maximize your email marketing potential.

– We’ll finish up our series tomorrow by talking about what to do with all of those email addys.

– Until then, keep moving forward.


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