Patient Attraction Episode 139: The Biggest Problem With Dental Webpage Copy and How You Can Fix It

Last week I talked about how web marketing has changed in the last several years. This week we’re going to talk about one of the ways it has changed for the better. Today, we’re going to talk about writing good content. Stay tuned.

– Welcome to June. Today is Monday, June 2, and I am Colin Receveur. I want to spend this week talking about the hub of your web-marketing efforts: your website.

– Thanks to changes to the Google search engine in the last couple of years, you can no longer stuff dozens of web pages with keywords to increase your page rank.

– The best way to get people to your website is to have REAL, USABLE copy.

– Two things usually happen. Dentists either write about what interests themselves or they think nobody cares about dentistry.

– Neither is correct.

– The best way to make copy interesting is to write about what the consumer of the information NEEDS.

– What do they care about?

– What are their pain points?

– All copy should answer your potential patients’ one question: “Why should I care about this?”

– If you answer that question, you will convert prospects to patients.

– Remember, signing up for a newsletter is not conversion.

– Signing up for a report is not conversion.

– Signing up to attend a seminar is not conversion.

– All of those things are permission to continue marketing.

– Conversion is when a prospective patient is sitting in your chair.

– THAT and ONLY THAT is a conversion.

– And only conversions matter.

– Conversions are the only reason to have a website or do any kind of marketing at all.

– Everything else is just a part of the equation whose sum is conversion.

– Tomorrow we’ll look at how many words is enough (or too many) on your web pages.

– Until then, keep moving forward.



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