Patient Attraction Episode 138: 3 Tips to Grow Your Practice by Focusing on Job 1

It’s Friday, May 30, and I want to end this month with a reminder of why you’re in business – to help patients. When we return, I’ll tell you how keeping that in mind will make you a more profitable dentist and help you reach your goals. Stay tuned.


– I saw a nice little blog at not long ago that offered businesses 3 ways they could grow by focusing on the customer.

– I saw some immediate benefits for dentists and knew I had to share them.

– So I’ll give you the writer’s suggestion and then I’ll tell you how I think it applies to you.

– First, use social media to engage directly with customers.

– Now, dentists aren’t like retailers in that people don’t purchase commodities over and over again.

– But you could potentially use social media to encourage existing patients to continue seeing you as their regular dentist and to expand their existing “purchases” by considering cosmetic or elective procedures like whitening, veneers or teeth alignment.

– Second, send handwritten notes to customers.

– To this I say, no way. This is not a good use of your time or your staff’s time.

– But the principle is good. I strongly encourage you to use automated emails such as we offer through Infusionsoft to stay in touch with prospects and existing patients who could be prospects for additional services.


– Finally, obsess about customers.

– That means do everything you can to please patients. Make sure they are comfortable, treated politely and want to visit you.

– They are more likely to stay, pay and refer.


– That concludes this week.

– Join me next week when we’ll look at how to make your website attract the patients YOU want.

– Until then, keep moving forward.


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