Patient Attraction Episode 131: Trust Me, You Don’t Want to Miss This Great Idea

Welcome everyone, to our final day at looking at ways to sell your ideas. Trust me, you’re going to want to return after the break. Stay tuned.

– Colin Receveur here on Wednesday, May 21, and we’ve spent the last 7 days looking at advertising whiz kid, author and speaker Sally Hogshead’s 7 personality triggers and how to sell ideas to each one.
– Just as a reminder, they are:
● POWER: Find one aspect of the idea about which you feel very strongly.
● PASSION: Before you present the idea, help your audience warm up to you and your idea.
● MYSTIQUE: Give a calm, unruffled analysis of why this idea makes sense.
● PRESTIGE: An idea is only as valuable as its ability to solve a problem.
● ALARM: Safe, boring ideas rarely get traction in the marketplace.
● REBELLION: Make it clear that your idea does not follow the usual path.
● TRUST: Help your idea feel less unfamiliar by providing as many familiar reference points as possible.
– Yesterday we talked about rebellion.
– Today we are talking about trust.
– To activate the trust trigger, you have to build credibility for your idea right from the start of the conversation.
– This may mean providing examples to your patients that are familiar before getting to the new idea.
– So if you are suggesting a patient use IV sedation, you might ask if they have ever had surgery and liken it to the experience of sleeping through it.
– Personally, I’m an analogy guy. I try to use an analogy when I can to help people understand the new idea I am presenting.
– That way people see that what I’m suggesting to them really isn’t so new or different after all.
– So there they are, all ways to sell your ideas to people with all 7 personality triggers.
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