Patient Attraction Episode 129: Alarm Your Patients Into Listening to You

Happy Monday, everyone. I am Colin Receveur and it is May 19. We’ll finish our look at Sally Hogshead’s 7 ways to get people to buy in to your ideas this week. Today we are going to talk about alarming your patients when we return.

– We spent last week looking at Sally Hogshead’s 7 key ways that people receive messages. Ms. Hogshead is a former advertising creative director who has worked with Coke, Nike, Target, Godiva, Rolex and MinCooper. She is a hall-of-fame speaker, an international author and a researcher.
– She has identified 7 personality triggers and how to sell ideas to each one.
– Just as a reminder, they are:
● POWER: Find one aspect of the idea about which you feel very strongly.
● PASSION: Before you present the idea, help your audience warm up to you and your idea.
● MYSTIQUE: Give a calm, unruffled analysis of why this idea makes sense.
● PRESTIGE: An idea is only as valuable as its ability to solve a problem.
● ALARM: Safe, boring ideas rarely get traction in the marketplace.
● REBELLION: Make it clear that your idea does not follow the usual path.
● TRUST: Help your idea feel less unfamiliar by providing as many familiar reference points as possible.
– Monday we talked about prestige.
– Today we are talking about alarm.
– This will sound very similar to Dr. Robert Cialdini’s idea of scarcity, in that people are more motivated by a perceived loss than by potential gain.
– Ms. Hogshead has found that people are more likely to select safe, conservative options, and alarm is all about safety.
– But safe rarely is good.
– Boring is actually a risk for you when you are trying to present a new idea.
– So if you are going to give a patient who is missing teeth solutions, you should emphasize the negatives of doing nothing as well.
– Come back tomorrow and we will look at rebellion as a motivator.
– Until then, keep moving forward.


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