Patient Attraction Episode 126: What Everybody Ought to Know About Passion

Hi everyone, Colin Receveur here on Wednesday, May 14. We’re continuing our look at 7 ways to sell your ideas. Today we’re going to focus on passion. You won’t want to miss that. Stay tuned.

– Advertising whiz kid, author and speaker Sally Hogshead has come up with 7 key ways that people receive messages.
– Just as a reminder, they are:
● POWER: Find one aspect of the idea about which you feel very strongly.
● PASSION: Before you present the idea, help your audience warm up to you and your idea.
● MYSTIQUE: Give a calm, unruffled analysis of why this idea makes sense.
● PRESTIGE: An idea is only as valuable as its ability to solve a problem.
● ALARM: Safe, boring ideas rarely get traction in the marketplace.
● REBELLION: Make it clear that your idea does not follow the usual path.
● TRUST: Help your idea feel less unfamiliar by providing as many familiar reference points as possible.
– Yesterday we talked about power.
– Today we are looking at passion.
– Ms. Hogshead recommends that if you want someone to buy in to your ideas, don’t start a conversation with small talk or pleasantries.
– To use the passion trigger, you should be warm and authentic. Be yourself and natural.
– Build some sort of rapport so they can make an emotional connection with you.
– So, for instance, if you had a bad dental experience that caused you to get into the practice, share that with patients who may also be afraid of going to the dentist.
– There are plenty of other examples. If you have had success with this, leave us a message on our Facebook or YouTube pages.
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– Tomorrow we will look at the third trigger, mystique


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