Patient Attraction Episode 122: 3 Ways to Dominate a Niche and 3 Reasons to Do So

Hello again, Colin Receveur here on Thursday, May 8, 2014, and today I’m going to tell you how to dominate one or more dental niches. Stay tuned.
– Differentiation is a key strategy I encourage all dentists to use.
– It, literally, is what separates you from the competition.
– Today I want to give you a very specific method for doing so.
– Many dentists have successfully emphasized a skill, training, piece of equipment or technique so potential patients feel that they clearly are the expert in that area.
– This niche domination is not easy to accomplish, but it is worthwhile if you can do it.
– Here are 3 ways to accomplish it:
– First, it helps if you really ARE better trained, more accomplished, better accredited, or the first to do a procedure or own a piece of equipment in an area.
– These are obvious selling points that will attract patients.
– Short of those advantages, being first to emphasize a niche will you establish your credibility on a procedure or technique. If you are the first dentist in your town to advertise and market a sleep apnea appliance, every competitor that follows is forced into a “me too” position.
– Even if you aren’t first to market or advertise a procedure, you can still POSITION yourself as the expert in a niche.
– These are techniques that we encourage all of our clients to use: write a book, reports or blogs on that niche; be interviewed by local media as a leader in that niche; give free seminars and speak to community groups on that niche.
– In short, if you outwork your competition to link your name with that niche, potential patients will see you as the expert in that niche.
– So you put in the work, but what do you get out of it? Here are three benefits of dominating a niche:
1. You can command higher fees than your competitors.
2. You can eliminate competitors, which will further increase your niche domination.
3. You satisfy customers who appreciate you, the expert, being their dentist.
– If you are dominating a niche dentistry category, leave comments on our Facebook or YouTube pages and let us know how you’re doing it.
– If you would like to know how to dominate a niche, I offer a monthly newsletter for $37 that gives you more in-depth ways to improve your practice. You can go to to order. Implement the strategies in the articles and you will be successful.
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– Tomorrow I’m going to tell you about a dentist who set himself apart and got noticed. Until then, keep moving forward.


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