Patient Attraction Episode 121: 4 Reasons that Asking Questions Will Make Sales Less Icky

Hi, Colin Receveur here, and I’m going to talk today, Wednesday May 7, about something that makes a lot of dentist uncomfortable: selling. But I’m going to give you four reasons that doing one simple thing will make you feel less like a car salesman and more like a therapist when we return.

– To many of you, the idea that you are a salesman is probably an icky thought.
– You’re a healthcare provider; you don’t sell. You inform people of their options, and then they decide what to do.
– If that’s how you think, your business probably isn’t maximizing its potential.
– Of course you are a healthcare provider. Of course your core mission and business is giving people great dental health and a beautiful smile.
– But you are also in the sales business.
– It is your job to sell people on doing whatever it takes to maximize their dental health and get the most beautiful smile.
– You, however, did not get into dentistry to be like – Alec Baldwin in “Glengarry Glen Ross:” “ABC, A-Always, B-Be, C-Closing.” If that’s what you wanted, you would have become a sales tycoon in real estate or pharmaceuticals or investments.
– So the way to get away from sales is by asking your patients questions a straightforward question and letting their answer be your guide.
– Here are some examples of questions:
● What don’t you like about your smile?
● What oral problems are you having?
● What would having a perfect smile do for your life?
● If you could have anyone’s smile, who would it be?
– Notice there are no yes/no questions.
– All of these questions give you insight into what the patient wants from you.
– These questions are also emotionally charged for the patient, focusing on either the pain of having problems or the joy of having their problems fixed.
– Here are the four reasons that using an emotionally charged question works:
1. You are in control of the conversation. Think Robert Cialdini’s principle of authority.
2. You allow the patient to talk about his or her needs, not your abilities (I have talked at length about this).
3. You distinguish yourself from other dentists who want to tell patients what they need without first asking what they want.
4. You are able to get information that will be key to giving that patient exactly what he or she needs to leave satisfied.
– Of course these aren’t the only questions you will ask. But start with these questions and it won’t seem like sales at all.
– Best of luck and keep moving forward.


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