Patient Attraction Episode 120: Work Hard, Attract the Patients YOU Want and Feel Great

Welcome to the Patient Attraction Letter podcast, I am Colin Receveur on this fine May 6, 2014, and I am in a great mood today. I put in a hard day’s work yesterday and it has really made me feel good. I’m going to help you get that feeling when we come back.

– Many of you know that my dad is a dentist and I grew up around dentistry my whole life.
– But my life’s work is web-based marketing. I read about it. I study it. I go to conventions and seminars. I pretty much LIVE dental marketing.
– Most of you can relate to that. You put in a lot of time, energy and money going to dental school. You made a lot of sacrifices while you were there.
– Then you got out on your own, and you put a lot of time, energy and money into starting your practice, whether on your own or with one or more partners.
– You’ve made a lot of sacrifices.
– But if you’re like me, you’re starting to see dividends. I have a great group of regular clients who have been with me almost since the start and have never left.
– That’s probably a lot like you, with a steady stream of checkups, x-rays, cleanings and drill-and-fill patients. Those are the easy-to-get patients.
– Now our company is really growing. We are attracting some really high-end clients who are going for our Elite package, which gets them every service we offer.
– In your world, you may be getting more elective cases, full-mouth reconstructions and teeth in a day cases, whatever your premium cases are.
– Here’s why I say that I am in a great mood because of our growth: because it means that I am working hard and it is paying off.
– As a business owner, we have to do lots of tedious things: accounting, payroll, order supplies, blah blah blah. Those things are NOT the reason we got into business.
– For me, I love the strategy part of figuring out the best messaging to attract great clients, and then figuring out the best ways to use our patient-attraction system to fit their needs. There is ongoing analysis, change and reanalysis.
– You can probably relate. You can drill a cavity in your sleep, but working with a patient with advanced periodontal disease who needs an all on four, planning exactly how to fix their smile … THAT is what professionally gets your juices flowing.
– If you’re not getting enough of those kinds of cases, if you’re not having ENOUGH days where you are in a great mood because you worked hard and attracted those high-end cases, give us a call at 888-741-1413.
– Let us help you attract the patients YOU want.
– Until next time, keep moving forward.


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