Patient Attraction Episode 119: Lessons You Can Take from Mexico’s Cinco de Mayo Victory

Hola amigos, cómo estás? Colin Receveur here and happy Cinco de Mayo! Contrary to the wishes of some on staff, I will NOT be doing this podcast entirely in Spanish, but I will give you a history lesson about Cinco de Mayo and tell you how you can use it to free yourself of the tyranny of dental insurance companies. Stay tuned.

– I love Mexico and history, so today shapes up to be one of my favorite podcasts.
– Here’s the story of Cinco de Mayo, which is NOT Mexican Independence Day:
– After the Mexican-American War of 1846-48 and two civil wars, Mexico refused to pay its foreign debts for lack of cash.
– France used that as an opportunity to invade Mexico in 1861.
– With the Mexican government on the run, the French Army, well-trained and equipped and undefeated for 50 years, had twice as many men as the Mexican Army when they met close to a town called Puebla.
– But on May 5, 1862, the 4,500 Mexicans crushed the 8,000 French in a David vs Goliath matchup.
– The victory was a catalyst for Mexican nationalism and pride. It showed the world that love of country and strength of determination could overcome foreign colonialism.
– Now, the story doesn’t end there. The French Army, reinforced with 30,000 men, finally captured Mexico. But they were only able to hold it for three years and ultimately abandoned the country.
– So what does this have to do with dentistry?
– I regularly hear dentists complain about how little they are paid through insurance, yet how many patients won’t come see them unless they accept insurance.
– What I want to do is offer you hope that there is another way.
– Many of our clients have been able to cast off the chains of servitude placed on them by the big dental insurance companies and bask in the freedom that attracting the right clients brings them.
– When you position yourself as THE dentist of choice in your community, THE expert in the niches that you want to dominate and THE only solution to your patients’ needs, then you won’t have to serve the insurance companies anymore.
– Just as France conquered Mexico for a while, you may find times a little rough as you transition from regular-but-small insurance payments to attracting more and better patients.
– But ultimately you will find yourself making what you are worth. Position yourself to attract patients who ask, “How soon can we do it?” rather than, “Is this covered by insurance?”
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– Treat yourself on Cinco de Mayo with a margarita and toast to your upcoming defeat of the dental insurance oppressors.
– Until next time, keep moving forward.


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