Patient Attraction Episode 118: 3 Reasons Constant Contact Says You Should Hire Me

Hey, congratulations on making it to Friday, May 2, 2014. I’m Colin Receveur and today I’m going to let other small businesses tell you why you should be using a marketing firm like mine. Stay tuned.

– Welcome back. Before we jump into our topic today, I want to make a confession: I love doing these podcasts.
– I love talking marketing. I love breaking down the latest in dental marketing. I love the cameras and the mics and the whole deal.
– But it can be very challenging not to turn them into an infomercial. So much of what I talk about is the same things I deliver to clients.
– But I try to keep the podcasts as objective as possible and give you great information that can help you grow your practice whether you ever become a client of mine or not. Most of the time I succeed.
– So when I recently came across a survey by Constant Contact, I really wasn’t sure whether to use it or not.
– The survey is about why small businesses and nonprofits do or do not outsource their various marketing efforts.
– I ultimately decided to talk about it because that is a choice you, as dentists, have to make. Which aspects of your marketing will you do on your own, and which, if any, will you pay someone like me to do for you?
– So I’m going to tell you the 3 results of the survey.
– According to these 1,300 businesses surveyed:
● 35 percent outsource SEO
● 23 percent outsource online banner ads
● 22 percent outsource their website
● and 3 percent outsource their email newsletters and social media
– None of this surprises me. SEO, as we discussed yesterday, is extremely complex. And some folks don’t know enough about computers the web to manage their website and banner ads.
– Here is what is surprising: when asked which aspects they would outsource if they could, the largest difference between those who are and those who wish they could are:
● Social media (16 percent)
● SEO (15 percent)
– Why> Because those are the two biggest time sucks in a person’s day.
– You can waste a ridiculous amount of time on social media and get very little in return.
– SEO has a big return, but you have to take the time to do the writing.
– Finally, the biggest reason those surveyed said they don’t outsource their various marketing streams is, wait for it, money.
– But here’s the funny thing: those surveyed said they or their employees spend about 33 hours per week on marketing.
– Now ask yourself, looking at your current costs, how much would cutting 33 hours per week save you?
– I bet it’s enough to hire us, at least at an entry-level package. Then you and your staff are freed up to focus on what you know best.
– To find out, call us at 888-741-1413 or visit us at
– As always, you can leave comments on our Facebook or YouTube pages and let us know why you have or haven’t chosen a firm to manage your marketing.
– Until I hear from you, keep moving forward.


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