Patient Attraction Episode 114: The Single Biggest Difference Between You and Multimillionaire Dentists

Hey everybody Colin Receveur here on Monday, April 28, and today I’m going to tell you how to become a multimillionaire. Stick around to see how easy it is.

– If you haven’t heard of Dr. David Moffet, you should look him up. I think he’s a good example that many dentists could follow.
– He started a practice making $120K per year in a low-income suburb of Sydney, Australia, and grew it into a $3 million annual business. In fact, he sold his practice and now makes his living marketing a practice-enhancement plan.
– I think a lot of what he says makes sense. I’m not here to shill for his company nor am I paid to endorse his product, so I’m not going to tell you what he says.
– But I am going to tell you a point he makes that I wholeheartedly agree with: Dentists must successfully differentiate themselves from their competitors.
– If you’re like 99.9 percent of the dentists in this country, prospective patients can decide between you and at least one other practice.
– This is what I like about what Dr. Moffet says. Dentists are not experts in business. So they end up seeing what their competitors are doing and DOING THE SAME THING!
– The problem is, what most of the competition is doing isn’t working either. But dentists focus on what a SELECT FEW extremely successful dentists are doing and wonder why they aren’t getting the same results.
– Here is where Dr. Moffet’s practice-management system intersects with my patient-attraction system.
– The reason most dentists aren’t as successful as those exceptional few has little or nothing to do with
● training
● expertise
● location
● marketplace
● talent
– It has everything to do with differentiation.
– The most successful dentists in this country have found a way to stand out from their competitors.
– That may be that they found a highly profitable niche (the subject of a future podcast).
– Perhaps they are attracting more and better patients.
– Or maybe, just to tease Dr. Moffet’s system a little, they treat patients differently than other dentists.
– But the single-most important trait that separates the most successful dentists from everyone else is differentiation.
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– Until next time, keep moving forward.


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