Patient Attraction Episode 108: Let Your Ego Go, Watch Your Ego Grow

Friday, 4/18/14 Lose Your Ego, Grow Your Practice Part 5 of 5

Welcome to the final day on how to get your ego out of your marketing. I’m Colin Receveur and today I’m going to tell you how to give your ego a little boost after all. Stay tuned.

– We’ve been looking at this list from Hubspot about how to remove your ego from your content marketing.
– We’ve talked about listening more than you talk; trusting data, not your opinion, on what works; doing what you’ve always done will get you what you’ve always gotten; and providing quality content that potential patients want.
– Today, I want to give your ego a boost.
– I want you to know that potential patients want to hear from you.
– They are actively searching the Internet looking for information that you have.
– You are knowledgeable and helpful.
– You have an obligation to let those people who are having dental trouble know that you can ease their pain.
– So tell them.
– Get the word out in as many channels as possible.
– Make videos that provide information on giving people a better smile; chewing without pain; or sleeping through their dental appointment.
– Write blogs about the benefits of implants over dentures, or oral appliances over CPAP machines.
– Make sure that any scholarly articles you write are available on your website.
– Whatever you do, make sure it is out there on the web.
– This way potential patients know that you are the expert in your area.
– This is the point of content marketing.
– By giving up your ego, you have reasons for your ego to grow.
– I hope you’ve enjoyed this series. Have a great weekend and I’ll see you next time.
– Until then, keep moving forward.


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