Patient Attraction Episode 104: Lose Your Ego, Grow Your Practice

Monday, 4/14/14 Lose Your Ego, Grow Your Practice Part 1 of 5

I recently saw a great blog post titled “Is Your Ego Hijacking Your Content Marketing Strategy?” That is a constant problem for dentists – spending too much time talking about what you and your office offer and not enough on what potential patients want. So I’m going to talk about each of the five points in this blog over the next five days. Stay tuned.

– Hello everyone, Colin Receveur and I am declaring an all-out war on what I call “we we” marketing.
– I’ve talked about it on podcasts before and I even write about it in my book, which you can get at
– It’s the idea that dentists try to market what they bring to the table as a dentist. They shouldn’t.
– I notably made fun of that thinking in our April Fools’ Day podcast.
– So when I read another blog on this same topic, I knew I had to address it.
– The folks over at Hubspot identified five ways that egocentric behavior hurts effective marketing. I’m going to tell you how they affect dentists.
– The first is, “Content Marketing: The Ultimate Anti-Selfie.”
– The idea is that when you provide informational content, as I have championed for a long time, it has to be content that potential patients want.
– That means you can’t just write about what you want to talk about or about why they should choose you.
– You have to listen to the conversations people are having, not lead them.
– That means paying attention to your desired patients, their needs, their concerns.
– That also means reaching them where they are, not expecting them to come to you.
– But when you do that, your marketing is much more effective.
– Come back tomorrow for the second of our 5-day series.
– Until then, keep moving forward.


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