Patient Attraction Episode 102: Why Having an Established Website Could Be Losing You Patients

Thursday 4/10/14 Patient Attraction Episode 102: Why Having an Established Website Could Be Losing You Patients

Hello again, Colin Receveur here. Having an established practice, meaning that you’ve been around for 7, 10 or 15 years, is a good thing in dentistry. Having an established website that’s been around that long is not. I’ll tell you why after the break.

– I’ve been designing websites for about as long as there have been websites. A lot has changed, both in the back end side with the coding, and in the design trends.
– If you were an early adopter and haven’t freshened up your website, Google has just given you incentive to do so.
– A few months ago, one of the big chiefs at Google released a video that pretty much called out older sites.
– Matt Cutts is the guy’s name, and what he said was this:

  • Older sites may have gotten stale if they aren’t regularly updated
  • Newer sites may provide visitors with a better user experience
  • Since user experience is what Google favors, those new sites may appear higher in Google searches
  • – Appearing as high up on a Google search as possible is the centerpiece of your web marketing strategy
    – So when Google talks, you should listen.
    – Here are five things you can do to stay competitive with new sites:
    1. Freshen the look of your design template.
    2. Update the user interface
    3. Add new features
    4. Continue to upgrade and tweak your site
    5. Keep up with the times
    – As Cutts says in his video, “I wouldn’t just coast on your laurels.”
    – Take a fresh look at your website, or better yet, let someone like me give you an objective, informed opinion.
    – Until then, keep moving forward.


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