Patient Attraction Episode 100: Here’s a Quick Way to Get What You Need

Patient Attraction Episode 100: Here’s a Quick Way to Get What You Need

Hello, everyone, I am Colin Receveur and this is the 100th episode of the Patient Attraction Podcast. See what we’re doing to mark this momentous occasion when we return.

– I really enjoy doing these podcasts.
– I have a passion for dental marketing.
– I talk about the things I know will make a difference in your practice.
– We have hundreds of good ideas for podcasts and I’m really excited to get to them.
– But for this podcast, I want to turn the tables.
– What do you want to hear more about?
– In what areas are you struggling to market your practice?
– What things would you like me to talk more about?
– How can this podcast be more useful to you?
– Leave me some ideas below, let’s get the conversation started, and we’ll incorporate your ideas into future podcasts. I’ll even mention that the idea came from you.
– Now let me sweeten the deal:
– For everyone who comments, you can get a free copy of my new book “Attract More Patients in the Next Six Months Than in the Past Six Years” for only the $4.99 cost of shipping.
– It’s my opus on my life’s work. If you read it and follow it, you will attract more of the patients YOU want.
– And I’ll make it even sweeter:
– The first doc who signs on as a client with us and mentions seeing this 100th podcast will get a free video day upgrade.
– 1 extra day of video shooting on us.
– There you have it.
– I look forward to hearing from you. Until then, keep moving forward.


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