Patient Attraction Episode 060: Be the Guy Who “Wrote the Book”

Patient Attraction Episode 060: Be the Guy Who “Wrote the Book”

Hi, I’m Colin Receveur and I wrote the book on dental marketing. In fact, I’ve written a few of them. Today is Tuesday, February 11th and today I want to show you how you can leverage statements like this to attract more of the patients you want.

As we continue to examine Dr. Robert Cialdini’s six powers of persuasion we come across the fourth one, which is authority. Let me tell you a little bit about Dr. Cialdini to give you some background information on who he is and what he’s about. Dr. Cialdini is a professor at Arizona State University, and his business, Influence at Work, works with some of the biggest companies and organizations in the world. He has several books that are out, one that’s sold millions and millions of copies all around the world on influencing people, and how to persuade people ethically to choose you over somebody else, or to choose A over B.

When a guy like Dr. Cialdini speaks, people listen. The kind of authority that Dr. Cialdini commands is the kind of authority that I want to talk about today in this podcast. This is an area where a lot of dentists are failing in their marketing. What I see with a lot of dentists is a lot of them want to show that they are in authority, rather than being the authority.

A lot of dentists market themselves as if a patient is obligated to come to them.

They market themselves as if patients already see them as the authority, and they do this through a number of means. Maybe it’s through marketing their continuing education or their credentials; I call it the alphabet soup of letters and numbers that come after their name. A lot of this stuff is just so far beyond what patients understand and comprehend, and it’s also, as I talked about in a previous podcast, not applicable to what patients want to understand and want to know, that emotion that drives them to seek out a dentist.

Instead of marketing yourself as being in authority, as knowing what to do, you should be marketing yourself as the authority, as the guy in your market area, in your community, that can solve these problems for your patients.

That could mean literally writing a book on how you’re different and what you do.

We offer a number of ghost writing services. Every client we work with we ghost write something for them, whether it’s a small free report that we can market on their website, up to a full hardback printed book that we can sell on Amazon for them, or they can hand out through their office or market as being the expert on dental implants, or the expert on some procedure.

We hear from a lot of guys, in fact I heard from a doctor up in New York just last week, who was concerned that he wasn’t an expert in placing implants, and this guy is a very skilled clinician. I actually had the privilege of working chair side with him, not on the patient, I was working a video camera while we were up there doing a video shoot for him. He was doing a double arch implant surgery on a patient, using some computer guided models. He’s got a CAT scan right in his office. A very good clinician who I recommended that he put a book together to talk about his experience and his training and how it relates to his patients, so that he can teach his patients how he’s different.

His response to me was, “Colin, I just don’t feel like I’m anything that special. I feel like that would be misrepresenting myself because I’m not an expert.” But let me tell you how it looks from a patient’s eyes. It’s not about misrepresenting or being unethical with how you market yourself.

What it comes down to is marketing yourself in terms that a patient can understand.

Just because you write a book and put your name on it doesn’t mean that you’re gloating about yourself in the book. What it means is that you’re putting what you do into terms that your patients can understand. One of the guys that I follow is Joe Polish and Dean Jackson, and on one of their very early podcasts Dean said you have to enter the conversation taking place inside your prospect’s mind right now. If you can enter that conversation and chime in just like you’re a part of it, you will show them that you are the right choice for them.

Writing a book is exactly what that’s doing. You have to identify their pain, identify their problems, and then offer them solutions. And show them all of the options that are available, show them how you are the best choice for the problems that they are experiencing. A book is a very strong way to do this.

Putting together webinars and seminars, and putting together any kind of information that you can show patients how you solve the problems that they have. It’s not misrepresenting yourself.

It’s about showing patients what you can do and allowing them to educate themselves.

When you can become an educator of people, when you can teach your patients what their choices are and what their options are and how to move from the condition they’re in now to the condition they want to be in, you put yourself in a position of authority. You’re not pushing your authority on them, you’re teaching them, you are now an authority on what’s available out there. You are elevating your expertise.

Webinars, seminars, all these different types of informational materials make you the authority on whatever kind of patients you want to attract. Comments on social media, patient testimonials; all these different vehicles that you can have out there online, offline, in your office. Anything that’s going to educate people, that’s going to show them Cialdini’s pass principles of consensus and of consistency and of authority, and all his other six principles, the powers of persuasion, are going to convince people that you’re the right guy to come to for their needs, and you can fix the problems that your patients are having. When you can be in that position, you’ll attract more of the patients you want.

Thanks for tuning in.


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