Patient Attraction Episode 059: Being Part of Something Bigger Than Yourself

Patient Attraction Episode 059: Being Part of Something Bigger Than Yourself

Colin Receveur here again. Today is Monday, February 10th and today’s podcast reminds me of a question that my mother asked me as a kid. I remember one day she said, “Colin, if everybody else jumped off the bridge, would you jump off the bridge too?” Today we’re going to discuss that question.

If everybody jumped off a bridge, would you? According to Dr. Cialdini most of us would, if we associated ourselves with the other people that were jumping off the bridge. The third principle of Dr. Cialdini’s six principles is the influence of consensus which says that people make a decision which is appropriate in a given situation, by examining what others like themselves are doing in that same situation.

The idea of “everybody’s doing it” is a very strong persuader in your practice.

It’s a very strong persuader in your personal life, or a very strong persuader in any type of situation. Cialdini used an interesting example, working with the British tax collection agency. The Brits had come to Dr. Cialdini’s company, Influence at Work, and they had said hey, we’ve got all of these people that are delinquent on their taxes. Right now they have something like a 77% collection ratio. They came to Dr. Cialdini and said hey, if we could even increase this from 77 to 80% we would save untold millions in our tax collection every year, just increasing that 3%.

Dr. Cialdini changed one line in the tax collection letter, and it said in your zip code, 95% of people pay their taxes on time. Interestingly enough, when the tax collection came due that year, it went from 77% to 83%, double what their goal was. Dr. Cialdini took it one step further and instead of saying that 95% of people in your zip code pay their taxes on time, he changed it to 95% of people in your city pay their taxes on time. That jumped from 83% to 87%, all other factors remaining the same.

The more specific that you can get with likening your perspective patients to the types of patients that you want to attract, the stronger that you can persuade your perspective patients to come to you through the influence of consensus. How can you use this in your practice right now?

The strongest way that you can do this is using patient testimonials.

The reason that they are so powerful is because if you want to attract patients that need their dentures stabilized with implants, if you want to attract patients that haven’t been to the dentist in 20 years and have a deep, deep disability and they need $20,000 or $30,000 or more of dental reconstruction. The strongest way that you can convince those people that you are different from every other dentist they’ve been to, that you’re different from that last dentist that they went to 20 years ago, that they had such a horrible experience with.

We can all say that we’re great and we’re the expert and we, we, we, we, we. Me, me, me, me, me. But when you can get your patients to talk about how great you are.

When you can get your patients to do that heavy lifting for you, that is the strongest thing that you can put on your website or any of your marketing.

Your testimonials are the base of all of your marketing efforts, because what stronger way to make somebody the expert than to have ten or twenty people, ten or twenty of your patients pointing at you going you’re the expert, you’re the guy that fixed my problems. Go see Dr. Smith because he’s the man, he can do this and this and this and now I can chew, I can smile, I can eat, I can go on dates again or so on and so forth.

Video testimonials are the most powerful thing that you can use on the web.

Another great way is through Google Reviews; patients write great reviews about your practice. They talk about your staff. All the reviews online, whether it’s Yelp or Google, HealthGrades or DemandForce, all of those are going to be great ways to influence patients that are searching for you online. The best place to get them of course is Google because that’s where most of the searches go on, and of course Google’s going to give preference to their own reviews. Make sure that you’re actually getting these reviews directly into Google.

Finally, social media. I wouldn’t look at social media as a way that you’re going to get new patients to come in through your door. You’re not going to find a lot of new patients in social media, just by definition of how it works. Patients can’t search on social media for a dentist. But they may use social media as a type of reputation search on who you are and what you’re about. While I don’t recommend that doctors go out and make daily posts and tweets and status updates and all this stuff, just because it’s going to be lost and it’s not going to have any impact, Facebook and Google Plus are not areas that you want to turn a blind eye to completely. You still want to jump in there and get it claimed, and make sure you’ve got some good stuff going on in there. It’s okay if it’s a little stale because not a lot of people are going to look there, but if they go there to look you want to make sure that you’ve got your correct information, you’ve got some good stuff going on there. It’s another property that you can claim and have on about you out there on the internet to help you attract the type of patients that you want.

Stay tuned, we’re going to cover the next principle tomorrow.


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