Patient Attraction Episode 056: The One About How to Win Friends and Influence Patients

Patient Attraction Episode 056: The One About How to Win Friends and Influence Patients

Colin Receveur here again, today is Wednesday, February 5th and I’m excited to be starting a seven part series on persuasion. Is persuasion an art and how does that apply to attracting the patients that you want?

I’m excited to be putting together this seven part series of the power of persuasion and how it applies to your dental practice. I’ve based it primarily on Dr. Robert Cialdini’s two bestselling books, Yes, as well as Influence which was released a couple of years ago. I just got down to reading both of them again, I’d read the Influence book a few years ago, and I also tuned into one of his webinars that he was doing just a couple of weeks ago.

It became immediately obvious to me how the six principles that Dr. Cialdini talks about are immediately applicable to a dental practice.

I want to cover the six principles briefly today and then in the next six podcast episodes I’m going to dive much deeper into each principle with specific ideas and implementation advice on how you can leverage these principles to attract more and better patients in your dental practice.

The first principle is reciprocation.

People feel obligated to return a favor that is first given to them first.

The second principle is liking.

People prefer to say yes to someone that they like and they know. People like to do business with people they like.

The third is consensus.

People decide what they’re going to do based upon what other people like themselves do. It doesn’t necessarily mean that consensus is what everybody around them is doing, but what other people that they liken to themselves, the choices that they are making they tend to make as well.

The fourth principle is authority.

People want to follow the advice of experts. Now there’s a big difference between being in authority and between being an authority, and I’m going to cover that in more detail in that podcast.

The fifth is consistency.

People want to follow through with the commitments that they make to other people, both written and oral. There are a number of ways that you can leverage this in your practice to close more patients and have less no-show rates.

The sixth principle is scarcity.

People want what is perceived to be in short supply. Probably the best example of this in my lifetime that I’ve seen is the new Coca Cola formula that they released in 1984. What that study, Coke had done years and years of studies on the formula that is in their coke, and they had a sample size of hundreds of thousands of people that they had tested this new Coca Cola formula on. By and large the vast majority liked and preferred the new Coca Cola formula as opposed to the original Coca Cola formula.

Coke, in 1984, rolled out the New Coke and they were hit with a landslide of negative publicity because now people wanted the original formula. What they found from that study was while doing the initial taste test study, they were telling people that hey, here is the new coke. People chose that new coke because it wasn’t available to the public yet. Then when they made the announcement that the original coke formula was leaving the market, people deferred back to what they couldn’t have.

There are a lot of ways that you can implement these same principles in your practice to get your patients more interested in the services and the dentistry that you provide. I’m going to talk more about these six principles in the future podcasts, as well as examples of how these six principles have worked in different practices, different implementations, different marketing strategies that we’ve implemented to help dentists attract more of the patients that they want.

Stay tuned for the next podcast, we’re going to start the first one on Reciprocation.


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