Patient Attraction Episode 055: The One About Will Online Ads be the Death of Content Marketing?

Patient Attraction Episode 055: The One About Will Online Ads be the Death of Content Marketing?

Colin Receveur here again. Today is Tuesday, February 4th and today I want to ask the question, will paid ads be the end of content based marketing?

So an interesting report came out a few weeks ago talking about the difference between paid ads and organic search results as it relates to what actually compels people, or what the last step was before they made a sale into whatever it is they’re buying, a local service, a product. They took a sample size of about a million and a half keywords to base this study on.

We hear from a lot of doctors all the time and they say I don’t ever click on those paid ads or I don’t ever click on the organic ads if I’m looking for a business. By and large I think we probably hear the most that doctors have a lot of doubt into the paid ads from Google, because they say that they as well as everybody they know, never click on the paid ads, they always go the organic route.

My main dispute in the past has been, well, Google’s a cash-cow for a reason.

They’ve got $60 billion sitting in a bank account somewhere and the primary source of that income is Google AdWords. It comes to kind of validate that theory of mine that now we have some data to tell us what are people actually clicking on, one or the other.

What this study found was that about 60 – 70% of the time your prospects are going to click on an organic advertisement.

What that leaves is of course 30 or 40% of the time they’re going to go to a paid listing. So yes, it validated my point, yes it validated a lot of doctors’ points as well. But I think that bigger than both of those, it also reinforces the fact that yes, you can pull a lot of patients in from doing only organic, or you can pull some patients in from doing only paid ads of course. But if you want to capture the lion’s share, the biggest chunk of all of the patients that are searching online you have to be found everywhere. You have to be doing a little bit of SEO, a little bit of pay-per-click, a little bit of local, some press releases, because your people are going to be looking at all these different places when they’re trying to find, not only a dentist, but a doctor, a plumber, a podiatrist, a new computer desk, who knows what people are searching for. They search for everything online.

One of my goals, I had a, call it a game if you will with some friends last year, and for 2013 we wanted to see how much stuff we could buy online without ever setting foot into a store. A couple of us came out the whole year never setting foot in a department store whatsoever. We ordered everything online and, I know myself, most everything came with free shipping. A lot of stuff I ordered through Amazon Prime which of course is $79 a year I think it is. You can buy, you can find anything online these days.

A couple of years ago I wrote the book, The New Yellow Pages, talking about back in 2011, 2012, how online had replaced the Yellow Pages and that’s two or three years ago now.

The Yellow Pages is pretty much extinct, and the online, whether it be Google or Bing, that is your new phone book.

When people want your contact information, whether it’s through what we call a branded search, whether they know that hey, Dr. Smith is my dentist, I need to find his phone number, they go online to search. Or a non-branded search, hey, I need a new dentist in Seattle, Washington, let’s search for a dentist in Seattle, Washington and then Dr. Smith pops up right at the top. And of course you’re found and they go into your website, they see the tremendous effort that you put into your website, your videos, and they go hey, this looks like the guy for me, and they pick up the phone and call.

If you want to attract the most of the types of patients you want, you can get results doing piecemeal, but the strongest way that you can attract the most types of patients that you want online is being seen everywhere, dominating the search results with a little bit of paid, a little bit of local, a little bit of organic, a little bit of everything because everybody is going to search in different places.


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