Not All Dental Calls to Action are Created Equal

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Patient Attraction Episode 365

Thanks for joining me in the second day in our weeklong series on marketing don’ts. But first, wouldn’t you like to sign up with my company? Come on, sign up with my company. How about now? Are you ready now? Come on, sign up and I’ll give you a free copy of my book. No, not yet? How about now? No? OK, maybe when we come back.

– Wasn’t that intro annoying?

– All that begging and pleading for your business, over and over, without knowing anything about you and you possibly knowing little to nothing about me.

– Yet this is what too many dentists do with their calls to action on their website.

– “Click here to set up an appointment” is all over the website, on every page.

– Or one of those phone deals where you can click and be taken to an operator who will schedule an appointment for you.

– The problem with that approach is very few of the visitors to your website are ready to make an appointment the first time they find you.

– The National Sales Executive Association (NSEA) found that it can take up to 12 times of contact or communication before a consumer decides to do business with a particular individual or group.

– So if your only call to action is “make an appointment,” you’re likely missing quite a few patients/

– That’s why I recommend a call to action that leads to more contacts.

– We call it a dental lure.

– It’s where you offer to provide that prospect more information on a topic of their interest.

– Then, you deliver the report and continue to reach out to them via email, calls, mail, text message – whatever it takes to keep your name in front of them.

– That way, they see you as the only logical choice when they are ready to schedule an appointment.

– And we do it all automatically through Infusionsoft.

– Now, don’t take this to mean that you should not have “Call me” or “Set up an appointment” calls to action on your site.

– But they can’t be the ONLY calls to action on your site.

– If they are, you will likely see very little action.

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Until tomorrow, keep moving forward.