Negotiating Your Dental Case Solution

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Patient Attraction Episode 923

Most dentists think that their dental case solutions have to be sold to their patients. That’s not necessarily true. I’ll be back after the break to tell you why negotiation is often a better approach than trying to actively sell. Stay tuned.

– Welcome to the Patient Attraction PodcastTM.

– I’m Colin Receveur.

– I’m the son of a very successful dentist, and I spent a lot of time in his practice while growing up.

– So I’ve seen the triumph of successfully selling case solutions and the disappointment of having patients reject them.

– These days, I know a lot of dentists.

– SmartBox works with more than 550 dentists on three continents to help them get more patients, more profits, and more freedom.

– And I’ve changed my views on how dentists should “sell” to their patients.

– The key is to put less emphasis on what you say and more emphasis on how you say it.

– To pull that off, you first have to be utterly convinced of the value of your solution to the patient.

– Once you have that, you’re no longer trying to “sell” as most people understand it.

– Instead, you’re negotiating, and that’s very different.

– Here’s an example – you’ve presented your case solution, and your patient has asked how much it will cost.

– If you tell him or her the price and then continue to try to make the case why it’s a fair price, you’re selling.

– If you present the price and then stay quiet to give them a chance to think, you’re negotiating.

– Your patient might want to add, remove, or alter some aspects of your solution, but you have to give them time to think.

– Your patient might even come back with a counter-offer on price.

– Either way, the conversation is still alive, and that’s better than a flat-out “no.”

– With this approach to “selling,” the dentist’s role is to present and then wait.

– You absolutely should not dominate the conversation – instead, give your patients the time and space to sell themselves.

– Follow this approach, and you’ll be “selling” more cases with far less stress.

– And if you want to see how Dr. Ronald Receveur increased collections from $900K to more than $2 million in just five years without “selling,” you should go to

– Join me for our next podcast.

– Until tomorrow, keep moving forward.