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Patient Attraction Episode 344

Hey everyone, Colin here on Tuesday, February 24. Welcome back as we continue to look at public comments I got about a podcast series I did on dental web marketing. We’ll look at some more of those comments when I come back.

– Yesterday we looked at two comments that said dentists should focus on referrals over word of mouth.

– Here is a similar comment, but with a twist.

– It comes from Elizabeth Osterhoudt, a social media and web content manager.

– She said:

– “All my clients encourage word-of-mouth patient referral (usually with an incentive like free whitening or something similar printed on the business card).

– “I think dentists get more bang for their buck by encouraging their patients to share that word-of-mouth referral on their Facebook page with no incentive.

– “Most patients are already on Facebook, so at the very least all they have to do is Like the dentist’s Facebook page.

– “Then when their friends search for a dentist on Facebook, their friends’ dentists show up in the search results.

– “The next step would be to ask them to post a review on the Facebook page.

– “People are more apt to react to a review from someone they know then from a stranger posting a review on a site like Yelp.”

– Here is the heart of why I don’t believe social media will ever bring you a large volume of new patients:

– Elizabeth said, “When their friends search for a dentist on Facebook …”

– WHO, exactly, is searching for a dentist on Facebook?

– Facebook is where you go to post funny stories about your family and friends.

– Facebook is not Google.

– Google is where the greatest volume of people go when searching for goods and services.

– Research shows that 93 percent of people begin such a search on a search engine.

– Here’s one more, but it is less about referrals vs. web marketing and more about what makes a great website.

– It comes from Curt Rosinski, director of Operations at Creve Coeur Dental, which I believe is in St. Louis.

– He says, in part:

– “Sure, Google likes video, I don’t, when a video pops up on a screen the first thing I do is scramble to shut it off. Sure, embedded video that plays when clicked on, okay, that can add value. “

– He and I are in agreement.

– I don’t like video that starts playing immediately, but I love video that is embedded.

– Curt goes on:

– “I would say the most important aspects to a website are this:

– “1, ease of contact; – have chat available, click to call, click to message / email all right at the top of the page.

– “2, the site needs to be icon driven, not textual, people navigate based on icons, they do not want to read through the page to find the service / symptoms they are interested in.

– “3, bring those social proofs to the pages in opportune easy to access icons.

– “If the Dr. did some charity work, then get an icon linking to the article about it.

– “Have those Facebook links ready to click on.

– “4, and sort of my summary, prioritize your page, place the most important features top and center.

– “If you really want to get creative, keep this in mind; people looking for a dentist are seeking information, they are very similar to an online student, think of your page as an online course, make it easy to navigate and pertinent in material provided.”

– Sounds like Curt has been watching my podcast!

– These are all good suggestions and ones we make for our own clients.

– Come back tomorrow and I’ll share some of the comments we got about whether dentists should discount their fees.

– Until then, keep moving forward.