Meet Two Dentists Using A Systems-Based Approach

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Patient Attraction Episode 290

Today is our final podcast about systems-based patient attraction. I’ve told you all about the hows and whys. Now I want to put a face on it. Stay tuned.

– Colin here on Tuesday, Dec. 30.

– We’re wrapping up this series on systems-based patient attraction, and I thought the best way to do so would be to give you two real-life examples.

– They are Dr. Ron Receveur of New Albany, IN, and Dr. Raleigh Pioch of Salem, OR.

– Both are experiencing a dramatic increase in collections following the installation of a systems-based approach to patient attraction.

– Dr. Receveur has seen collections increase over a five-year period from $900K to just more than $2 million in five years.

– Dr. Pioch’s collections have grown even faster: from $800K to $3.2 million in six years.

– While it might be surprising that a simple four-step process could play such an enormous role in generating this type of growth, the real power comes from combining all four of the steps long enough to generate results that exceed the sum of the system’s parts.

– Just as a reminder, the four steps are attraction, conversion, follow-up and tracking.

– Dr. Pioch has agreed to make complimentary copies of a case study outlining his approach to systems-based patient attraction available upon request.

– Inside the case study, Dr. Pioch outlines the approach to systems-based patient attraction he’s used to grow his practice by 600%.

– Request your copy by visiting

– I hope you’ve found this series beneficial.

– Be sure to look for us on the cover of Dental Town in a couple of weeks, and we hope to see you in Las Vegas in April.

– Until then, Keep Moving Forward.