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Patient Attraction Episode 823

You’ve probably noticed that there are a ton of marketing companies on the Internet who are eager to take your money. But exactly what are they selling? There’s a question you must ask yourself about your dental marketing. I’ll be right back to tell you what that question is and why it’s so crucial to your success.

– I’m Colin Receveur, founder and CEO of SmartBox Web Marketing.

– Welcome to the Patient Attraction Podcast.

– There’s something that’s always baffled me.

– So many dentists never ask themselves this one question before they start their marketing or sign up for some new online program:

– “What do I want to happen?”

– Actually, it doesn’t baffle me.

– Dentists became dentists because they love dentistry, not because they love marketing or want to wear the other seven hats they have to wear.

– Dentists come to me telling me all the things they’re doing and all the silver bullets and cool tricks they are using for marketing.

– After hearing them, I ask a really simple question:

– “So, what do you want to happen?”

– That’s when their eyes glaze over a little.

– So, let me ask you this: What do you want to have happen with your marketing?

– Do you want a cool website? Do you want to shoot your own videos?

– Do you want to be working on writing your book over your lunch and on weekends?

– Do you want to figure out how to defeat the corporate chains opening in your area?

– There are companies that will promise you any and all of those things.

– But I have another question for you: Do you just want new patients in your chairs?

– More new patients should be the single focus of all your marketing.

– All those other things are just ways to help realize that goal.

– A cool website won’t necessarily get you more patients, and neither will shooting your own videos.

– Don’t get distracted by what marketing companies offer that won’t get you more patients in chairs.

– Don’t distract yourself from your goal.

– Patients in chairs are what make you money.

– I’ll be back tomorrow with more thoughts on dental marketing.

– Until next time, keep moving forward.