Look Beyond Writing For Dental Content

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Patient Attraction Episode 413

We’ve been looking at the written part of dental website content the last few days. We’ll spend the next few days looking at other types of content that helps you turn prospects into patients. Stay tuned.

– Colin Receveur here, and today we are going to start our discussion of content that extends beyond the written word.

– We live in a multimedia world.

– You are leaving money on the table if you are not taking advantage of photos, videos and graphics.

– I’ve mentioned photos in a couple of the previous podcasts, but let me summarize what I’ve said here:

– Be sure that your photos are a reflection of the types of patients you want.

– If your target demographic is women 50- to 70-years-old, don’t show a bunch of 20-somethings in your images.

– Also, try to use photos of yourself, your staff and your patients.

– People know stock photography when they see it.

– Video is another type of content on your website.

– I believe so strongly in the power of video that SmartBox has a whole team of people that we call the motion picture department devoted to nothing but video.

– 100 million people a day watch online video.

– When people see you or your staff on a video, they feel like they already know you.

– They see your mannerisms, hear your voice and, if you’ve made a good video, decide that they feel comfortable with you.

– Another great use of video is testimonials.

– Testimonials, whether video or written, are another type of content for your dental website.

– Testimonials provide social proof that your dental prospects are looking for.

– Testimonials are powerful in the same way as personal recommendations.

– To really maximize testimonials, make sure you use patients’ names.

– Customer reviews are another form of content.

– Showing your customer reviews is another way to give dental prospects the social proof they need to choose you as their dentist.

– Let me tell you a type of content I do not like: procedures.

– Because so many people have rampant dental fear, it is foolish to show videos or images of dental procedures.

– The benefit of showing your expertise in extracting a tooth, leaving a bloody empty socket, does not outweigh the number of people who will be scared off by seeing the image.

– I don’t even love the animations that show how you remove a damaged tooth and put in a dental implant.

– But the animations are far better than the images and videos.

– Just a few more days left in our series.

– Come back tomorrow and we will look at ways to maximize conversions from your website.

– Until then, keep moving forward.