Little-known Ways Automation Can Boost Your Dental Practice

Patient Attraction Episode 610: Little-known Ways Automation Can Boost Your Dental Practice

Today, I’m at a conference at Infusionsoft headquarters with a special message for people who need help organizing their business and converting more leads. Stay tuned to see how dentists can use automation to get your message to the patients you want to see.

– Colin here, and welcome to this special edition of the Patient Attraction Podcast.

– We’re in Chandler, Arizona, at the Infusionsoft campus.

– Infusionsoft is an international software company that helps small businesses convert more leads and organize their business model.

– So, what does this have to do with your dental practice?

– Well … Are you tired of treating the wrong patients?

– Do you have trouble keeping patients?

– And wouldn’t you love to prequalify your patients before they walk into the office?

– Nearly every dentist I speak with struggles to put new butts in the chair or to find the patients that will help their practice thrive.

– There is an easy solution for finding new leads, converting more patients, and retaining your current patient base: automation.

– By automating your dental marketing system, you stay in front the right prospect until they are ready to set an appointment and continue to nurture and build trust with your current patients.

– In it’s simplest form, good dental marketing is about developing and maintaining a trusting relationship.

– By constantly reaching out to the patient through automated messages, you become the authority to solve their dental problems and they are more comfortable with you.

– But, fair warning: Automation is about much more than simply broadcasting general messages.

– You have to direct the right message to the right person at the right time.

– You can create great automation by thinking about what the prospects want and put yourself in their shoes.

– I say this time and time again on this podcast, but so many dentists today have a major “we-we” problem.

– Dentists are often far too concerned about listing their achievements or credentials.

– These things are important, but ultimately, you need to convince the patient how you are the BEST choice to solve their dental needs.

– One of the biggest shortcomings I see with dentists is their inability to maintain current patients.

– They are so focused on getting new patients that they forget about what’s right in front of them: existing patients.

– Great automation helps you build a positive relationship with new patients while continue to nurture your current patient base.

– The clients we work with who have automated their dental marketing are enjoying more patients, more profits, and more freedom.

– Are you ready to fast-track your success? Are you ready for more patients, more profits, and more freedom? If so, go to or just and click the green button on the side that says “Get your Marketing Analysis.”

– Join us again tomorrow when we’ll go back in the vault to discuss how dentists can rule Google.

– Until then, keep moving forward.


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