Lessons From Early Toothpaste Marketing Can Help You Attract More Patients

Patient Attraction Episode 208

Hey everyone, welcome to the Friday, September 5 edition of the Patient Attraction Podcast. Today, we’re going to look at how early marketers turned using toothpaste into a habit that continues to this day. Stay tuned.

– Colin Receveur here.

– If you are a frequent podcast viewer, you know I love history.

– Today, I want to talk about the history of toothpaste marketing.

– It’s actually pretty remarkable.

– In the early 1900s, few Americans were brushing their teeth.

– A man named Claude Hopkins began marketing a revolutionary toothpaste that tasted minty and tingled in your mouth.

– It was called Pepsodent.

– Hopkins is one of the great marketers in the history of marketing.a

– He developed a two-step formula that is still used today.

– Find a cue and define the rewards.

– Hopkins marketed early Pepsodent as a way to remove the ever-present feel of plaque film people of that time could feel on their teeth.

– He pointed out the film made people’s teeth look dingy and said millions of people were getting bright, white smiles thanks to the product.

– This appealed to their vanity and disgust emotions.

– This is an example of a principle you probably already know:

– If you want to change people’s behavior, appeal to their emotions.

– So if you want people to stop avoiding the dentist, appeal to their:

– fear

– vanity

– envy

– pride

– disgust

– The history of toothpaste marketing is actually very interesting and goes far beyond the story of Pepsodent.

– We may return to this topic for future podcasts.

– If you’ve found this interesting, send me an email or

add a comment to the YouTube video.

– I might use your comment in a future podcast.

– Until tomorrow, keep moving forward.



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